Emelle, Alabama

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1.)       Emelle History

Emelle was established in 1912 with the completion of the AT&N Railroad. Mr. Joseph Ed Dial donated the land for the right-of-way, provided the town would be named in honor of his two daughters, Emma and Ella. Less than two miles away was Ramsey, named for Captain Ambrose Knox Ramsey who was the president of another railroad running from Mississippi to Tuscaloosa.  The earliest school in the area, on record, was a Boy’s College Preparatory School about one mile east of present day Emelle.  The Ramsey School was consolidated with the Central School to become the Emelle Consolidated School.  The first log cabins built in Emelle were built by David Montgomery Dial, Edward Dial, and William Kerr on a ridge east of Highway 17.  Emelle has more Century Farms than any other comparable area in Sumter County because its early settlers remained in the area.  For example, the first doctor in Emelle was Dr. Benjamin Armistead Jones, a Virginian, and his farm is still owned and ran by family.

The town was not incorporated until 1981 and is located on AL Hwy 17, between Boyd and Geiger in Sumter County.

2.)       Emelle Historical Sites

Bethel Memorial Church was built in 1908 as a memorial to the Confederate soldiers of the area. Their records are inscribed on marble plaques on the walls inside the church.  It is located at the intersection of County Roads 24 and 74.

“Amason-Burton-Elliott House” was built ca. 1840 and is located on Bessie Fuller Road off of County Road 24.